SAT Prep

Our classes are scheduled two months prior to the SAT test date. Please contact us today for specific class dates.

Help college-bound students tackle the SAT® or ACT with confidence. The Sylvan Prep programs have helped nearly 100,000 students raise scores and maximize their ability to get into the school of their choice. Students at all score-levels will benefit from the targeted, personalized approach of the Sylvan Prep programs. Our specialized SAT® programs and ACT programs have the following advantages:

  • Small Class Size: Sylvan Prep features an interactive, small-group environment that keeps students interested and engaged. Our classes are traditionally a third to a half the size of most other SAT® or ACT programs!
  • Personalization: Our small class sizes allow our instructors to work with every student on a personalized basis. Due to this small “team approach,” we can spend more time addressing each individual student’s needs.
  • Materials and Strategies: In order to raise students’ scores in as little as five to eight weeks, the Sylvan Prep programs focus on the exact skills tested on the SAT® and ACT and teaches the best methods for mastering those skills quickly. Our state-of-the-art materials have the most advanced strategies in the test prep world.
  • Instructors: Our out-going and knowledgeable instructors are not just SAT® or ACT experts; they are great communicators as well. These dynamic instructors and engaging coursework motivate students and help them build the confidence and skills they need on the day of the test.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Students perform a combination of in-center exercises and targeted homework assignments to help them solidify skills and break unproductive habits. Three full-length practice tests allow instructors to provide critical feedback and to help both students and their instructors gauge progress.

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