Summer Math Ideas

Can you believe summer is more than half way over?!  Time has flown by! As mentioned in previous posts on Summer Learning Loss, “brain drain” has kicked in by now and (whether they want to admit it or not) they are itching for some mental stimulation. Below are some Math games and activities that will challenge them academically! Let’s mold those little mushy brains before it’s too late:

At Home Math

  • Teach your child how to write out a checkbook.  Make it fun by allowing your child to choose what he/she wants to “buy” (ex: New pair of shoes, video game, etc)
  • Have your child measure ingredients as you cook together
  • Label a soccer ball (or beach ball) with the numbers 0-9 in each hexagon.  Stand apart from your child and pass the ball back and forth.  Whatever numbers your thumbs land on when catching the ball are the numbers that you will add, subtract or multiply!
  • Pass a ball back and forth and count by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, etc
  • Play “war” with a deck of cards–but add, subtract or multiply the two numbers together. Whoever says the correct answer first wins the cards
  • Play board games together!
  • Roll a double dice and have your child add, subtract or multiply the two numbers together
  • Let your child know what time you are leaving for an event, and have them calculate how much time there is between the current time and the time you are leaving
  • Start a change jar and at the end of the week, have your child count the contents
  • Pour different amounts of rice or water into three or four glasses that are the same size.  Compare the amounts of rice/water using terms such as more, less or same as

Math on the Go

  • Have your child count the items in the grocery cart. Have them tell you when you’ve reached a certain number
  • Give the child a set amount they can “spend” at the store. Have them add different items to reach the set amount
  • Have your child help by counting change
  • When at a restaurant, have your child find the most expensive item and the least expensive item on the menu.  Let them find the difference (subtract)
  • Have your child calculate the proper tip
  • Have your child write down license plate numbers. They can add, subtract and multiply the numbers. You can also have them put the license plate numbers in order from least to greatest
  • Have your child keep track of the time you left and the time you arrived, and calculate how long the trip took
  • If you are at the beach, have your child draw shapes in the sand

These are just a few basic ideas that you can do around the house and on the go!  Don’t let summer pass you by without some math fact practice and a few of these simple ideas!