Summer Reading Lists

Looking for something fun to read this summer?
Sylvan has compiled a list of good books by grade level, so click on the link below and check it out!

Sylvan Learning Summer Reading List 2013

Summer Learning Loss

Sylvan Super Workbooks

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Help your child review and develop skills, improve self-confidence, and grow the love of learning with just a page per day! Success in school requires children to make connections between the real world and school concepts in order to solve problems. Extra practice can help young problem solvers advance to more complex topics with confidence. The activities in these workbooks are designed to help your children catch up, keep up, and get ahead. Best of all, they’ll have lots of fun doing it!

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Book Adventure

Book Adventure BannerOne of the busiest sites on the web for kids is Sylvan’s Book Adventure. This is such a great place to find age and grade-level appropriate books for your child. This is a totally free site and will help you choose books, of all subjects, that will be of interest. There are comprehension quizzes, a prize locker, a parent and teacher zone, and suggestions to encourage student reading. Go to and sign up! It’s a perfect resource for the upcoming summer break. You can have your child try Book Adventure with several sample quizzes located on the website.





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 Sylvan’s Online Homework Support Service

Finish your homework faster and easier! With, you’ll see short videos, corresponding to the exact pages and concepts in your textbook, that explain the math lessons you’re studying. presents math problems in a new way, shows you the work so you can see how to do it, and provides practice problems (with the answers!), so you can master the concepts in no time!

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Getting ready for the SAT or ACT? can help you study for the math portions of these tests as well.

Math Activity Booklet






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Packed with facts, trivia, problems, puzzles and more, our Math Activity Booklet can help make math fun for the entire family! Skills covered in this guide include:

  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Time & Money
  • Algebra
  • Word Problems
  • Multiplication & Division
  • Estimation & Rounding
  • Geometry
  • And more for grades 3-12