College Prep Writing

Like most high school students, teenagers are probably adept at text messaging or chatting via instant messenger. Unfortunately these skills don’t get students very far on schoolwork or college entrance exams. Strong writing skills are essential – it’s not uncommon to read a news story linking written communication skills with academic and professional success.

Working with a Sylvan writing instructor, students will take on the toughest writing assignments – in schoolwork or on standardized tests, like the SAT* or ACT® – with enthusiasm, confidence and success.

When enrolling in Sylvan’s writing program, you can relax knowing students will:

  • Learn an organized process for writing:
    • Prewriting
    • Drafting
    • Revising
    • Editing
    • Publishing
  • Apply composition techniques to new and existing class writing assignments, especially the formulation of these critical aspects:
    • Thesis Statements
    • Topic Sentences
    • Organized Details
    • Transitions
  • Gain an understanding of different types of composition and essay assignments:
    • Descriptive
    • Illustrative
    • Compare and Contrast
    • Cause and Effect
    • Persuasive
  • Learn from a variety of text–based projects commonly assigned to high school students:
    • Analyzing Long Passages
    • Outlining Main Ideas
    • Writing Summaries
    • Knowing the Requirements for a Major Research Paper

It all starts with a Sylvan Skills Assessment® – a diagnostic test that isolates the exact skills on which the Sylvan writing instructor and your child need to focus. This ensures students will move onin life with a complete foundation of winning writing strategies for all audiences and assignments. All of Sylvan’s high school writing programs were developed in concert with standards set by the National Council of Teachers of English.

Learning to write well is an asset everyone will use everyday of their lives, now and in the future. Contact Sylvan Learning today for more information!