Advanced Reading

From comprehension to critical thinking, Sylvan helps high schoolers and college students improve reading skills.

Critical reading skills in high school and beyond are more important than ever. Rigorous assignments, increased reading load across all academic subjects and preparing for college entrance exams puts more stress on a student’s reading skills than ever before.

At the high school and college level, Sylvan designs individual programs focused on the reading skills of comprehension and word study. We will help students to expand their vocabulary and have a better understanding of what they are reading. After all, students are not really reading unless they understand what the author is trying to communicate.

Our Sylvan Skills Assessment® will diagnose and pinpoint student’s current abilities across those reading skills which are critical for highschool and college students:

  • Word Knowledge and Vocabulary – the highest predictor of reading comprehension
  • Comprehension – reading more critically and summarizing or outlining main points
  • Content – knowing how to use study materials to make critical judgments and effectively read highly compact expository materials, like science texts

High school-level texts serve as the foundation to the Sylvan high school reading program. Students will learn how to be an efficient reader and gain more understanding from a text in less time – reading skills that will be invaluable as the volume of schoolwork increases throughout high school, advanced courses and ultimately, college classes.

While Sylvan’s high school reading is the final stage of our reading programs, it’s never too late for reading instruction. Even high school seniors in their spring semester will benefit from Sylvan’s intensive academic reading instruction – but the sooner, the better! Your child is guaranteed to improve his reading skills as he works to become a confident, fluent reader.

All of Sylvan’s reading tutoring programs are consistent with the findings of the National Reading Panel and with published guidelines from the International Reading Association and the National Institute for Literacy.

Reading tutoring from Sylvan benefits your child in all subjects. Contact Sylvan Learning today for more information!