Tutoring vs. Sylvan

Tutors are often excellent teachers who care about their pupils. Tutors, however, generally do not offer diagnostic testing to find exact problems, do not have the access to over $50,000 worth of materials and equipment, and do not write individual prescriptions for their pupils. Tutors, working without the information revealed in diagnostic testing, must move more slowly, looking for problems as they teach the child. Generally, tutors only have access to their own materials, which may not be the most effective for your child.

Almost always, math, reading, study and homework problems occur over a period of time, involving skills forgotten or missed in earlier years.  Sylvan uncovers these skill gaps easily with diagnostic testing.

Because Sylvan’s diagnostic testing pinpoints exact problems at the time of testing, the Sylvan program moves three, sometimes five, times more quickly than tutors to remedy the problem. In estimating tutoring costs, this must be taken into consideration.  Tutors move much more slowly and therefore, usually end up costing more.

Sylvan Learning Centers are equipped with over $50,000 worth of state-of-the-art instructional materials and equipment which have been researched, tested, and proven effective in over 1,000 centers nationwide and with over one million students.

Time is of the utmost consideration in helping a child improve his or her skills to perform at or above grade level. If your child has fallen behind, there is a daily loss of self-esteem.  Sylvan moves quickly because we only teach what the child does not know. Sylvan’s techniques foster the child’s independence and facilitates an “I can” attitude.

In making the decision to help your child, consider these factors: the time it will take to see improvement in your child’s performance, the effectiveness of the instructional materials and methods, and the total cost of providing the instruction that is needed.  Sylvan moves much more quickly than tutors, will give you the best results in the shortest time, and can save you money!