Tim Sheaffer–Grade 12
Sylvan – a place where students are guided by professionals on how to succeed and better themselves in school, a school on school. Being able to participate in the Study Skills Program at the Sylvan Learning Center is the most beneficial extracurricular “activity” I have participated in during my four years of high school. After starting my Sylvan program I noticed a steady increase in all of my grades, that during my four years,  had slipped. As a senior I look back and realize, had I had the skills I have developed at Sylvan earlier in my high school career, I believe that I would be looking at a better transcript and better grades. Sylvan Learning Center has given me a leg up on many of my peers at Penn Manor, even those in my Honors and AP Courses. As a future Penn State student, I know the application of skills and knowledge gained from Sylvan will give me the abilities to succeed. Simply, Sylvan has given me benefits that many don’t gain.

Trish Reiner–Mother of Jason
If you are searching for a proven program with dedicated staff who are willing to go the extra mile for your child–choose Sylvan.  If the goal for your child is to gain the skills necessary to meet the academic challenges he is facing–choose Sylvan.  We did.  We found friendly, knowledgeable tutors with the patience and persistence to positively impact my son’s school performance, and his attitude towards learning…priceless!

Lowell and Diane–Parents of Eric
Eric is now in sixth grade and his math skills are up to a seventh grade level. His confidence, grades and attitude have improved. With continued hard work, we know that Eric will be successful throughout his school years. Sylvan has played an important role in that success!

Michael–Grade 7
Sylvan keeps you on your feet until you can stand by yourself.

Mother of a Sylvan Student
[My daughter] always has been a hard worker, but she also was very hard on herself. The self-esteem she realized through Sylvan made all the difference in the world! Almost immediately, she was more confident in herself and her school work!

Barbara Andralis–Parents of Jared
Jared has several challenges with regard to learning ablities, being tested for these prior to coming to Sylvan.

Jared came to Sylvan in September 2007 with the hope of improving his language and math skills so he could pass the G.E.D. test. He had been vigorously tested prior to this for learning difficulties so the outcome was greatly anticipated. He had some difficulty sitting down and beginning where his learning gaps indicated. Soon, though, as progress began he was able to see that he was moving forward and needed the skills he was learning. Then he was better able to be positive about his experience and realize that he could cover areas that he had not understood. It began to show in his speech and problem solving that he was learning and applying what he had learned. It was working!

He has also made greater strides in learning to play the guitar, and dulcimer which was much harder for him before this.

Joseph and Kathryn–Parents of Justin
For the first time in [my son’s] school career he now has the motivation and self-confidence to tackle his homework assignments by himself -something we never dreamed would occur!