The newest solution powering today’s Sylvan Learning experience, SylvanSync, is a comprehensive system designed to support each student’s personal learning needs with the aid of specialized technology. It assists in effective, teacher-led instruction. It enables students to really engage with their unique personal learning experience. It helps build and strengthen dynamic connections between student, family and Sylvan. It is all about maximizing a student’s motivation and ability to learn and excel.

There are some very visible and tangible pieces of the SylvanSync system. The iPad® allows students to engage with their own personal set of digital lessons and the mySylvan™ parent and student portals allow families to extend their Sylvan experience beyond the center. Under the surface, many other facets are working together to deliver elements that are crucial to the success of today’s student.

Now, Sylvan delivers:

True Personalization

The outcome of our Sylvan Skills Assessment is an individualized learning plan that is the first step to engagement. Students are more apt to learn what is relevant to them. Once that plan is in place and the teaching begins, we use our proprietary SylvanSync instructional system to maximize the impact of the teacher and help create a learning experience that is motivating and engaging.

True Engagement
Today’s students are “one” with technology – always swiping screens and tapping on keyboards. At today’s Sylvan, we use this to our advantage to help our students stay focused, engaged and learning! With Sylvan teachers delivering instruction on the intuitive iPad, we are able to engage students instantly in “hands-on” learning as they work on their lessons using all the tools this device offers.

True Connections
To help create learning opportunities, SylvanSync facilitates connections. A student connects with his or her teacher over an iPad and the skills being taught. A parent connects with a student’s Sylvan learning plan and achievements via mySylvan. A student applies newly learned skills in different ways while having fun with mySylvan exercises and educational games. Together these connections strengthen and deepen the learning experience — and the Sylvan experience — for students, parents and teachers.

True Accessibility
Through the SylvanSync system, today’s students have access to Sylvan instruction outside a Sylvan center. The student’s personal learning plan is accessible to their Sylvan teacher via the iPad wherever the student and teacher are located. Many Sylvan franchisees are forming community relationships now and taking Sylvan to new satellite locations where this type of learning experience was previously unavailable!

The End Result: A Learning Ecosystem
Today’s Sylvan is about far more than hardware and software. It is about the student and family outcomes we can create with the marriage of the best educational technology to our more than 30 years of educational experience and leadership.

Sylvan’s proprietary instructional system places the student at the epicenter of his or her own learning ecosystem. Now students, parents and Sylvan are all “in sync” for an enhanced learning experience.

The SylvanSync system includes:

  • The iPad, used as a learning environment and engagement tool. Digital native kids are hooked, and it helps facilitate learning because it is the type of device they use, or want to use, every day.
  • Digital lessons, designed to be interactive. This engages the student in learning in a very different way than books, pencils and paper.
  • Teacher-supporting intelligence, used to assist in the assignment of skills and automation of non-teaching tasks. The teacher can now focus on working with the student and teaching the actual skills, versus spending time on non-teaching tasks.
  • Feedback is something we believe in strongly. Teachers provide instant feedback and recognition when interacting with students.
  • mySylvan™, a personalized Website experience for students and their families, who receive real-time feedback on what the student has accomplished, as well as insights into the upcoming learning plan.
  • Anytime, anywhere resources are also available on mySylvan. Here, students can access activities and educational games that complement and cement the learning happening via instruction. Students have access to age-appropriate content, resources and motivational rewards.
  • Satellite locations. The system, Sylvan teachers, the device, the digital lessons and the mySylvan portal are all available outside a Sylvan center, meaning the Sylvan personal learning experience has gone from in-center only to anytime, anywhere.


*iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., which does not sponsor SylvanSync services.