Diagnostic Assessment

The Sylvan Skill-Assessment:

A comprehensive battery of subject assessments that combines both nationally based standardized assessments with Sylvan based assessments that provide the blue print for building a student’s personalized program. The assessment helps Sylvan identify any skill gaps a student might have and it provides an individualized prescription he or she will need to become a successful, lifelong learners.

The assessment includes a tour of the center, a battery of several standardized assessments and a one hour free consultation with a Sylvan Director. The assessment will take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the type of assessment that is scheduled

Sylvan Learning Programs
contain the following fundamental elements that teach students to overcome academic frustrations and meet their full potential:

The Sylvan Skills-Assessment.SM A comprehensive battery of subject-specific, standardized tests that provide the blueprint for building your student’s personalized program.

  • Personalization. Using the results of the initial Assessment, we create a personalized program that targets skill gaps.
  • High Educational Standards. Sylvan employs education experts to develop our programs, ensuring that students receive a curriculum backed by sound educational research and extensive experience. These high-quality programs are delivered by a thoroughly trained and dedicated teaching staff.
  • Motivation and Positive Reinforcement. We deliver our programs in a positive environment where students are rewarded for effort and success. Praise and recognition motivate children and turn them into confident, independent students.