Reading and Math Curricula

Ace it! teachers use proprietary, research-based reading and math curricula. These rigorous curricula are aligned to state and Common Core Standards and designed specifically to address the needs of under-performing students.

Reading Curricula–Serving grades K-8

  • Based on current research and best practices, including the National Reading Panel
  • Systematic, explicit and intensive
  • Focuses on core skills at each instructional level
  • Lessons address four key elements of a successful reading program: Word analysis (phonemic awareness and phonics), fluency, comprehension and vocabulary
  • Lesson design: in-depth three-lesson skill sequence; guided practice moves to applied practice
  • Appropriately challenging and visually appealing reading anthologies provide context, extended learning, and enrich the learning environment, bringing the core reading concepts to life

Math Curricula–Serving grades 1-8 and Algebra

  • Based on current research and best practices, including the National Mathematics Panel and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
  • Builds conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and automatic recall of facts
  • Concept strands include numeration, core computational skills, fractions, integers, algebraic reasoning, geometry, and problem solving
  • Lesson design: two -lesson, in-depth study of each skill, including daily practice and problem solving
  • Manipulatives and other hands-on learning resources create a dynamic learning environment, bringing core mathematics concepts to life

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