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What is Ace it!?

Ace it! utilizes research-based methodologies had have been proven effective in addressing the needs of students who are struggling academically.

Highlights of Program Delivery

  • Differentiated instruction
  • Formative assessment
  • Parental involvement
  • Small group
  • School/Community-based
  • Intervention-focused

How Ace it! Works

All Ace it! programs foster a positive, motivating learning environment by rewarding students’ attitude, attendance, effort and achievement.

We start by identifying skill gaps to create learning plans for students. Next, we hire and train qualified teachers to deliver rigorous, carefully designed instructional intervention that increases students’ academic proficiency. Throughout the program we ensure strong parent and teacher involvement with open and clear communications and reporting.

Built on 30+ Years of Experience

Sylvan Learning, founded in 1979, launched Ace it! in 2005 to provide small group, intervention-focused educational programs to districts, schools and other education partners. Ace it! programs are built upon the proven Sylvan foundation of research and results.

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